Global Business Communications


Now more than ever, life sciences organizations are confronting rapidly evolving and increasingly global business communication needs, including corporate communications, training, e-learning, interpretations and legal and HR services. By partnering with Lionbridge Life Sciences, you can take advantage of our global infrastructure, extensive knowledge of the life sciences business landscape and expert multilingual services – from translation annual reports and training curricula to globalization audits and business consulting. All business strategies are designed for operational efficiencies so you can better communicate to internal and external audiences across the globe. Here’s how:

Training & E-Learning | Global Learning Development | Corporate CommunicationsLegal & HR | Interpretation | Globalization Audits | Business Process Consulting | Software Localization

Seamless global training and e-learning

With over 40 global Solution Centers and a large network of translators, we have the ability to scale programs to meet your multilingual training needs. Our dedicated global project management approach enables you to release curricula simultaneously across dozens of languages and markets. We’ll work closely with your internal team or third-party developers to create a seamless strategy and content development process that meets your organization’s training needs. We offer programs to support:

  • Sales
  • SAP and Other Enterprise Systems
  • Compliance
  • Quality
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional/Medical


Global Learning Development

Lionbridge Life Sciences is the only company in the world that offers training design, development and localization services all under one roof. Our Global Learning Development solutions empower your audiences to use, sell and support your company’s products and services. Our learning experts can work with existing content or develop learning experiences from conception to delivery that remain culturally neutral and context-specific. We offer:

  • Learning consulting services that optimize global training and improve business outcomes, including curricula analysis and training audits, content definition and task analysis, learning strategy, LMS and learning authoring tool selection and internationalization of content
  • E-learning and instructor-led training services that improve performance for global audiences, whether face-to-face or in a virtual classroom, including instructional design, rapid eLearning development, mobile content, performance support and internationalization

From learning needs assessments to curriculum development to production services, we can help you effectively reach learners in all markets – all while streamlining costs and delivery of content worldwide.

Effective Corporate Communications

The better a business communicates, the greater its success. Fostering effective communications with internal and external stakeholders requires a disciplined process, channel expertise, and close collaboration, particularly when dealing with C-level confidential matters.

We provide:

On-call services to address scheduled and unscheduled media and internal news release requirements, onsite translators, as well as differentiated, secure workflows for confidential content administration.

Personal project managers, particularly helpful with C-level communications.  Lionbridge project managers are skilled at orchestrating meetings and touch points to ensure an efficient process that meets language-specific requirements.

A complete range of content types and channels including:

  • Internal communication/Intranets
  • Blogs
  • Annual and quarterly reports
  • News releases
  • Global campaigns

Writing services that engage audiences and make a powerful impact with content that gets your message across.

There are dozens of legal translation services that life sciences organizations may need – from simple documents to complex patents to a client’s intellectual property – and each can be a daunting task. Lionbridge has strengthened its life sciences legal expertise in a number of areas, including:

  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Product liability claims
  • Licensing due diligence
  • Antitrust/competition matters
  • Regulatory/compliance issues
  • HR applications, contracts and documents
  • And more

Learn more about how our acquisition of Geotext Translations can support all your legal and HR translation needs quickly and effectively:


Broad range of interpretation services

We provide a wide variety of high-quality interpretation services – from small, single interpreter requests to large conferences requiring multiple language sets and equipment. We offer:

  • Telephone interpretations, including 24/7 on-demand availability and scheduled calls for hospitals, federal clients, call centers and customer support
  • Face-to-face interpretations in over 250 languages for court hearings, hospitals, small meetings and cultural diversity
  • Conference interpretations, including simultaneous, UN-style sessions and large internal or external conferences
  • Interpreter training and testing of in-house staff interpreters for medical, legal and business or financial customers

All Lionbridge Life Sciences interpreters must pass intensive screening, performance-based testing and industry-specific training, adhering to the Interpreters’ Code of Conduct and Medical Code of Professional Responsibility.

Thorough globalization audits

Let Lionbridge Life Sciences optimize your organization’s globalization process. Using a proven methodology to audit strategic, technological and content-related issues of localization and translation, we will plan and implement a customized, cost-effective solution that minimizes costs and maximizes time to market. Our globalization audits address:

  • Strategic implications of conducting business globally
  • Internationalization of code
  • Adaptation of content and graphics for target markets
  • Integration of translation technology to support multilingual content management
  • Cost efficiencies of localization and translation processes
  • Selection of tools and technology to support your goals
  • Provision of training to client engineers and other development professionals


Experienced business process consulting

Lionbridge Life Sciences provides experienced business process management and consulting services that evaluate your localization processes and make recommendations to increase throughput, improve quality and better align with key departments within the organization – from regulatory to marketing to research and development. We offer:

  • Over 20 years of experience in medical device manufacturing, managing labeling, translation and English content development, as well as implementing XML content management systems (CMS)
  • Translation process consulting services, including English source development (tools, process, approach), translation processes for labeling (DFUs, IFUs, operator’s manuals, products) and product labeling systems and processes (NiceLabel, EZ Label, Prysm ID)
  • Services to identify technology to improve quality of English source content development, including structured or unstructured FrameMaker, use of DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) or migration to XML and CMS for source content management
  • Evaluation of current processes based on industry best practices, including the use of glossaries, translation memories, translation style guides and in-country review


Specialized software expertise

We streamline localization by helping define and drive software development, then performing UI translation, engineering and testing for any language, in any country. Our team ensures global interoperability of medical device software by offering solutions for:

  • User interfaces (UI)
  • Software applications
  • Online learning content
  • Online help