Global Marketing for Life Sciences

GlobalMarketing_InsetImage_MainSuccessful global marketing demands that every word, sentence and image in your campaign resonates with target audiences in every market and language. Lionbridge Life Sciences can help your organization maintain, manage and measure marketing initiatives with speed and flexibility – while strengthening brand identity and customer relationships around the world. By combining industry-leading global marketing solutions with our vast life sciences expertise, we can maximize your marketing presence among clinicians, health care professionals, patients and consumers. Here’s how:

Web Development & Digital Marketing | SEO/SEM | Multimedia Localization | Cultural Evaluations | Transcreation | Email Marketing

Global web development and digital marketing

With more digital channels and more devices such as tablets and phones comes more opportunity. International customers expect an integrated, seamless experience across all touch points. Your website must connect and convert across every language – and your digital content must be current, compelling and consistent across the globe. Global marketing for life sciences combines a proven, centrally managed process with best-in-class translation services to ensure efficient communication and collaboration across all operations. We offer:

  • Global web development and online content management – including website publishing, updates, optimization and analytics tracking – built to reduce cycle time and improve ROI
  • Scalable solutions designed to help manage, execute and optimize digital marketing initiatives – including social media, blogs, display ads and mobile ads – while improving customer engagement, increasing efficiency and reducing costs
  • International translation and multilingual content creation that builds connections with clinical and consumer communities and increases search engine rankings at home and abroad
  • In-market localization experts that follow your company’s brand messaging, policies and procedures to publish content – all within your existing system and technologies
  • Measurement and analytics through business intelligence providers and technology – including Adobe Omniture, Coremetrics, Google Analytics and Webtrends – to enhance performance


Optimized SEO/SEM

Once your website is developed and translated, make sure it’s optimized for search engines across the globe. Our best-in-class international SEO process can help drive international visitors to in-language sites by identifying, localizing and implementing keywords. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your agency and internal team to amplify your existing SEO strategy across all borders. We offer:

  • Multilingual keyword optimization and content key term mapping
  • High-quality translation for international PPC campaigns
  • Expertise for search changes, updates and trends


Comprehensive multimedia localization

Multimedia content is designed to make an impact. But when targeting a global life sciences audience, that impact must be clinically sound and relevant to local markets while maintaining your brand image. As the industry leader in multimedia localization, our customized, end-to-end services include project setup, translation, component localization, multilingual voiceovers and QA/testing – all conducted with a single point of contact for the entire process. We offer:

  • Local digital production with our life sciences industry knowledge, that keeps multimedia assets – including videos, graphics, animations and audio – on brand in any language
  • Rapid video translation services for marketing, corporate communications and training and development
  • Desktop publishing services in all the languages, with specialists in prepress and graphic design, expertise across all desktop publishing platforms and applications, plus extensive localization experience for printed, online and web delivery documents

For fast-turnaround projects, check out our onDemand Translation.


Knowledgeable cultural evaluations

Your global branding efforts rely on understanding your audience. Lionbridge Life Sciences provides comprehensive evaluations of existing and concept-stage communications – identifying potential language, visual and technical issues – to ensure target audiences perceive your brand messaging in relevant and meaningful ways, and within the unique cultural parameters of a particular region. After all, when the smallest cultural nuance can pose a threat to commercial success, knowledge is power.

Expert transcreation services

Upon completion of a cultural evaluation, our transcreation experts can take your marketing content and concepts from one language and completely recreate it in another – eliciting the same response from audiences across the globe. Backed by years of translation experience, global branding expertise and regional insight, our industry-leading linguists can maximize local market impact while retaining global branding control for above-the-line campaigns, brand vocabulary and taglines.


Nimble email marketing

Lionbridge Life Sciences can help bring your company’s global email campaigns to market at top speed. Our team of in-market experts can localize, translate and review all email and landing page content, ensuring accuracy through a seamless, centralized process. Plus, we deliver localized assets that can boost campaign efficiency and effectiveness across all markets – cutting content localization costs while decreasing campaign cycle times.