As healthcare organizations serve an increasingly international client base, payers, providers and ancillary health services confront an increasing need: Healthcare materials translation. Translation that requires absolute precision, with rigid adherence to deadlines, costs, cultural sensitivity – and quality you can trust. Lionbridge Life Sciences provides industry-leading expertise, enabling you to comply with established mandates from regulating bodies, where necessary, to translate all vital materials – from health and wellness offerings to over-the-counter products to care provider services. All in one seamless and assured experience.

Make high-quality translation an integral component of your communications effort

The wide range of healthcare materials – direct to consumer programs, discharge and patient information, insurance forms and IVR scripts – becomes even wider as the scope of readers grows. More audiences worldwide means more languages to translate and more cultures to accommodate. Lionbridge Life Sciences delivers expert translation and localization of all your communications materials.

Lionbridge Life Sciences can help you reach your localization goals through:

  • Print material translation and adaptation
    We offer services that span the unique needs of health and wellness companies, health insurance companies, hospitals, health associations and more.
  • Website localization
    We provide localization and global marketing services to help increase traffic to your websites.
  • Interpretation
    We deliver high-quality interpretation services, whether face to face or over the phone, small requests or large multi-language conferences.
  • Multimedia solutions
    We offer a wide range of services, including audio recording (for IVR prompts and more), voiceover and subtitling work.