Medical Publishing

MedicalPublishing_InsetImage_MainThe face of medical publishing has transformed dramatically over the last decade. As globalization continues and information becomes more accessible online, publishers face yet another new challenge: ensuring the quality of all medical publishing translations. Translation that often requires absolute precision, with rigid adherence to deadlines, costs, cultural sensitivity – and quality you can trust. Lionbridge Life Sciences provides industry-leading expertise, enabling you to provide accurate and relevant information to researchers, clinicians, patients and the global health community at large in one seamless and assured experience.

Make high-quality translation a high priority

As the industry stretches across the globe, medical publishers seek enhanced ways to deliver timely, relevant information to audiences while also ensuring communication efficiencies with contributing authors. Your scientific and writing collaborators can now be found anywhere in the developed and developing world, adding to the complexity of each and every job. Plus, with the growth of online-only publishing and social media content, it has become essential to establish a searchable, mineable, archivable repository.

Our team will collaborate with publishers on these important issues and create a global content management strategy that meets your objectives, provides localized content and improves access to audiences all over the world.

Lionbridge Life Sciences can assist in the following areas:

  • Medical education
    We offer medical and clinical monograph translation and localization, including a multi-format approach encompassing traditional printed word and digital communication media, plus patient information and enablement materials such as brochures, posters, prescribing information and therapeutic communications.
  • Journal translation
    We provide translation and review services by medically trained resources to ensure best practices.
  • Health “app” localization
    We are at the forefront of mobile digital “app” development and localization.