People, Process & Platforms


At Lionbridge Life Sciences, the customer experience is paramount to everything we do. Achieving your goal is our goal. This requires dedicated people delivering a streamlined process while using the most advanced platforms.

OUR PEOPLE: A passionate commitment to customers

From strategy developers to translators, from technology and engineering specialists to project managers and business administrators, our team shares a singular focus on quality – and a continuous quest for excellence – at every customer touch point. We cultivate a seamless experience through:

  • Dedicated project teams providing tactical and strategic collaboration from day one
  • Unrivaled life sciences knowledge from our resident Subject Matter Experts and highly certified translators
  • Open and efficient communications via our powerful online portal, plus regular status updates with Project Managers and quarterly business reviews with management

In addition, our experienced, in-country life sciences translation experts go through a rigorous and comprehensive qualification assessment before joining our language teams, ensuring we have the right linguist at the ready for your project.

OUR PROCESS: High quality is our standard

The end-quality of projects is not ensured through a single QA check. Highest standards are only achieved through an integrated series of quality reviews throughout the process. And we believe real quality – quality you can count on – takes detail and dedication. Lionbridge Life Sciences ensures this through:

  • Lionbridge Life Sciences Excellence in Operations (LEO), a consistent and repeatable production methodology that guarantees quality, budget compliance and on-time deliverables
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are content specific for translation and linguistic validation methodologies and drive consistency at all sites across the globe
  • Language Quality Index (LQI), an internal review of project procedures and files early in the translation process to measure and adjust the team’s performance against linguistic and technical specifications, production efficiency, budget compliance and delivery

Plus, we’re always listening to you. Our Customer Care Database (CCDB) systematically collects customer satisfaction data and feedback that is then monitored, measured and sent to project leads for action and outcomes assessment.

Our Linguistic Quality Process

  • Prevention
  • Editing and Proofing
  • Auditing
  • Automated Milestone Checkpoints
  • Quality Metrics
  • In-Context Review
  • Client Review

OUR PLATFORMS: Seamless, streamlined, at-your-service

Lionbridge Life Sciences’ proprietary “Elements” are a suite of advanced, cloud-based technologies designed for global precision, increased efficiency and reduced risk – all while reducing stress. Used in combination, the tools work seamlessly to provide improved project submission, translation management, workflow and compliance. Our platforms include:

  • Lionbridge Life Sciences Portal, a powerful and easy-to-use online service delivery system for routine project activities – and complete collaboration
  • Lionbridge Life Sciences Translation, an industry-leading, SaaS-based translation environment built for scale, security, precision and global accessibility
  • Lionbridge Life Sciences Automation, which uses sophisticated workflow automation technology to provide optimal efficiency of production processes and eliminate error-prone manual tasks
  • Lionbridge Life Sciences Compliance, a set of state-of-the-art, targeted quality assurance tools carefully customized for scientific translation

By enforcing linguistic consistency via centralized architecture, these tools have proven to lower overall translation costs. Plus, there is never any charge for using our technology: no software to purchase, no required customer-side infrastructure, no licensing fees and no training fees.

Our Portal

  • Place orders or request quotations
  • Track existing orders or check project status
  • Collaborate with our experts using the Online Review module
  • Pick up your completed orders
  • Navigate the portal in your language
  • Choose your own method of interaction – our project teams are still available

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